OUTER SPACE Oversized Long Sleeve Shirt


You’ll love this Outer Space oversized graphic shirt! Featuring a high-quality all-over print of astronauts floating in open space, this soft button-up shirt is elegant and easy to wear; perfect for any occasion. Wear this oversized long sleeve t-shirt to the skatepark, parties, festivals, public events or just to hang out with friends. Be in style; feel free.

  • Relaxed fit: feel comfortable all day long
  • Elegant, neutral colors: easy to mix and match. Easy cool outfits.
  • High-quality all-over print: cool details that draw attention subtly
  • Soft fabric: feel free, smooth and lightweight.


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  • Shipping (International): 20 – 60 days

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Skater girl wearing a cool oversized long sleeve shirt front
OUTER SPACE Oversized Long Sleeve Shirt